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Friday, April 22, 2011

AAQR: Track your 3G (data counter, free)

Track Your 3G is one of those data counter apps that tracks your data usage, both WiFi and 3G, so you don't get charged for overages.

The app looks interesting. It provides both 3G and WiFi tracking, and per-app accounting (i.e. know exactly how much data did each app use).

However, after a few days trying it, it has a LOT of problems.

First, it loads TWO services, not just one. Add that to the app itself, and it uses up to 22MB of RAM (most of the time is stablizes at about 16-17 MB). That is just ridiculous for an app that sit in the background most of the time.

Second, the user interface isn't obvious. It's not obvious what is "clickable" and what is not. Nor is there any sort of graph on WHEN the bandwidth was consumed. There is not even a way to show ONLY 3G data (ignore the WiFi stuff).

Sorry, but I have to stick with 3G Watchdog for now.

Rating: skip it
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