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Monday, February 14, 2011

AAQR: App 2 SD

Not a backup app for your Android, but one that helps you move apps to and from the SD using the "move2SD" feature, where the app can reside partially in main "app storage" and a portion can be moved to the "SD card" secondary storage, leaving you with more room to install more apps.

While you can check apps individually to see if they can be moved (in "settings / applications / manage applications"), this allow you to move them all at once, or individually.

Keep in mind that if the app have any widgets, moving them to SD will break the widgets. Also, some apps behave unpredictably when moved.

This will not let you move an app that its designer had not marked it as movable.

Latest version also added a "cache cleaner" (for the apps) and ability to "ignore" an app even though it was deemed "movable". Perhaps it has widgets and such that you don't want to break.

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