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Monday, February 14, 2011

AAQR: Netfront Life Browser V2.0

Netfront Life Browser recently upgraded to 2.0. While it looks about the same as the previous version, there was a few tweaks under the hood.

One of the new features is "tilt mode", which is half-way between portrait and landscape. Really. Hold the phone at 45 degree angle (between landscape and portrait) and you'll get a "slightly larger" virtual screen that's neither, but still scan be scrolled. WEIRD but usable!

The browser has a "main" screen. The top-half are similar to Coverflow. Each 'tab' is one panel. Swipe left and right to switch between them. When you go into the web view the bottom half disappears.

The bottom half are "history", "bookmarks", and scrapbooks.

History and bookmarks are obvious, and they are presented as front-back scrolling folder metaphor, very neat looking.

The scrapbooks needs a bit of explanation. Basically, you can clip any webpage you see by tapping the "scissors" icon and draw a freehand shape around the area you wish to clip. That clipping then can be shared with other apps, or clipped into the "scrap table".

From the scrap table, you can make 'scrap books' where you can toss in the various clippings from the scrap table. However, what you can do with them from there, I have NO IDEA.

If you "clip" something from a webpage, you can now "share" that with Evernote. However, this feels half-hearted, as once you decided to clip it to the scrap table, it can no longer be shared. Still, this is better than the normal browser, where the "Evernote" share only consist of an URL. You do get a picture if you shared it from Netfront Life Browser.

Supposedly if you use this on a a tablet with more screen space you'll get more bookmark previews and such on the nav screen.

Probably will not displace Dolphin Mini, but these features are VERY interesting.
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