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Monday, February 14, 2011

AAQR: Norton Mobile Utilities (for Android)

Logo SymantecImage by tchuntfr via FlickrNorton Mobile Utilities (for Android) is a combo program that packs a lot of punch for only 600 KB. It has four main functions:

App manager -- kill running apps, as well as uninstall existing apps

Device info -- battery level, temp, CPU, memory, network, SD storage used, and system info

Usage meter -- how much voice minutes, text messages, and data did you use?

Installer -- install any apps found on the SD card, or delete them.

Unfortunately, it seems to be missing some features. It's as if each of these features are partials.

App Manager -- doesn't show services, or even make distinction between apps and services, nor does it stop apps from starting. It's basically task killer combined with an app manager

Device info -- nice graphs, but no history saving of any sort, nor any display in notification area like SeePU

Usage meter -- doesn't do per-app data measures, notifications of possibly exceeding quotas, estimate overages, even disable data

Installer -- really no big deal, as it doesn't actually make any backups. It is PURELY an installer.

Overall, it's nice to have multiple functions in a single app, but why are all four apps so... half-sized?

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