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Sunday, February 13, 2011

AAQR: DroidWall (Root Required)

DroidWall is a firewall for your phone. It takes the "whitelist" approach. Only apps that you approve can access the Internet. You have to specify exactly which app you want to access the Internet, and which not. It also logs which apps tried to access the Internet, and to which IP address did it tried to send packets of data.

The problem is you need to be pretty geeky to understand the log data. You get the raw IP addresses, no RDNS lookup here. It also will not ask you to let an app through. The only clue you'll get is when the app says it can't connect.

It also does not log how much data did each app used. For that, you'll need 3G Watchdog, CallStat, CallUsage, DroidStats, or a similar app.

Still, if you are worried about security, like what app is sending data out, DroidWall will keep your phone secure.

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