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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AAQR: ACast (podcast player / downloader, free)

ACast is an impressive podcast player that has decent interface, indexed feeds, feed search support through several podcast search engines, offline playing (i.e. download then play), and Google Reader / OPML importing. That's a lot of features for a free app. You can also pay $3.99 to make the app ad-free.

The app has four main "tabs": feed, filter, playlist, and search.

Feed -- controls which RSS feed you are getting (i.e. which feed you subscribe to)

Filter -- filter the feed, like feeds in the last week or so, with 4 "memory positions" for custom criteria sets

Playlist -- i.e. playback queue, which item should be played first and so on

Search -- find new podcasts and other items you haven't seen / heard before through multiple search avenues, also supports favorites and similar. I don't see a browseable index.

Offline support is good though downloading seem to be a little slow. Definitely worth a try, as this is better on several levels than Google Listen. The only thing Google Listen have over this is clean interface.

Rating: Get it!
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