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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

AAQR: Autokiller Memory Optimizer (app, free, utility)

AutoKiller is a system tweaker that claims to "optimize" a few settings in your rooted Android device to improve performance, by managing system autokill settings.

You see, Android OS manage memory by only killing programs based on its "priority" (OOM if you want to speak Android-ese) when more memory is needed. However, no program is exempt from this killing.

Task Killers try to pre-empt this autokill process by kill apps and services ahead of auto-kill. The problem with this approach is... it often conflicts with autokill and the system internal caching. If the app or service is needed, then task killer only serve to waste CPU cycles as the app is unloaded, then immediately reloaded.

Theoretically it is better to adjust the auto-kill settings (which is what this app does), but it is hard to judge how successful this may be. I keep ATK around, but I don't run it all the time. Tweaking settings takes up no memory in background.

You will need to root the phone first to use this. Give it a try.

Rating: Try it

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