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Thursday, May 5, 2011

AAQR: Hapi Podcast (podcatcher, free)

Hapi Podcast is a podcatcher from China that has some abilities, but can't match the power of ACast. At least the interface is clean.

It has a "search" function but keep coming up with duplicates and no indication where the results came from. The search results are also tiny and cannot be complete. Looking for "car" yielded only about 2 dozen results, most of them dupes (CNET or Car and Driver).

The player is decent, but nothing special... just play, prev, next, and forward by 30 seconds. (where's reverse by 30?)

You can get Episode list of the feeds, and see download lists. You can also backup the channels. Youc an also auto-expire the downloaded stuff. It's not that bad. Not quite as good as ACast, but then the interface is cleaner.

Rating: Try it
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