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Thursday, May 5, 2011

AAQR: Feedscribe (podcatcher, free)

The logo used by Apple to represent PodcastingImage via WikipediaFeedscribe is in beta, but IMHO it's more like alpha.

It claims to be a decent podcast player, a decent vidcast player, AND a decent news reader, with full offline support. However, it has NO search capability, no OPML support, and no index of any sort.

You can only add feeds to it two ways: either type in the RSS feed URL manually, or you can "share" an URL from a browser or other apps.

The problem here is that "share" ability only goes into the newsreader section of the app, not the podcast or vidcast sections. There is no "auto-detect" either, or ability to "reclassify" the URL once shared into the app. You pretty much have to copy and paste.

In fact, once you open the app, you are presented with a mere BLANK SCREEN. You have to tap menu / add to add an URL, whereby you discover the horror that this program is half-baked and unusable.

With ACast, Google Listen, and plenty of other clients available, there's no need to try this one at all.

Rating: Skip it
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