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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AAQR: Diner Dash 2 (game, paid)

Diner DashImage via WikipediaDiner Dash 2 was one of the games given away by Amazon AppStore, so I downloaded a copy to try out.

Diner Dash series is basically one of those "spinning plates" or "juggling balls in the air" games. You have one of you and you need to juggle a lot of different activities, preferably chain the activities together for bonuses and efficiency.

In the case of Diner Dash, you are one waitress, and you need to serve the customers with the following activities (not a complete list):

  • take customer to proper table
  • drop off menus
  • take orders
  • move orders to kitchen
  • pick up entrees from kitchen
  • take entrees to proper table
  • get paid
  • clean/ clear table
  • drop off dirty dishers at the sink
  • get baby seat (only for families)
  • clean floor (only for familes)
The complications are customers do not have infinite patience. The longer they wait, the angrier they get, and the less they will tip. And you can only grab 2 items at a time. Different customers have different speeds and different patience, so it gets complicated as you try to juggle the many different responsibilities. Different sized parties (single, double, quad, family...) needs to be fitted to the various tables you got. 

Later levels introduced stuff like espresso machine (bonus profit, or offer to customers to calm them down as they wait) and other bonus items which gives you more time, easier to chain the bonuses, and so on. 

These games always have different levels of success. The bare minimum is enough to go onto next level, but you can strive for really good performance as well. 

The problem is this formula is getting a little old. Diner Dash is already up to #5, plus a variety of clones with cake shop, coffee shop, even airports (Airport Mania). If you like this sort of game, give it a try. Else... there are things with more interesting challenges out there. 

Rating: Try it

Demo version below (full version is $4.95)

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