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Friday, April 15, 2011

AAQR: Tank Hero (game, free)

Combat (video game)Image via WikipediaTank Hero is one of those small yet addictive games. The premise is basically just like the old Atari game "Combat", albeit just with tanks (no jets or spaceships in this one).

You control one tank, and your objective is to kill all of the other tanks on the level without getting killed yourself. You have a much faster firing cannon, and you can shoot in one direction and move in a different direction, just like a real tank with rotating turrets. Furthermore, your shots will bounce off walls (at least once) and you can use that to your advantage. Later you get advanced weapons like missiles.

The controls are twitchy and difficult. There are several control schemes but all of them are twitchy and glitchy. The tanks fire without being prompted to do so. Turret won't rotate properly (or at least aim properly, keeps flickering a little). The game is a little fast for careful aiming, but that doesn't excuse the glitchy controls.

The tanks are small enough to see the whole playing field and big enough to see SOME details. Graphics are decent and has a good frame rate.

As the game is free, give it a try. It's good for some short amusement.

Rating: Try it!

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