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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AAQR: Zenonia 2 (game, paid)

Zenonia 2 is one of those Asian RPGs where you're a cartoonish character on this 2D overhead view trying to survive. You can choose from 4 professions (i.e. classes) and there's a long drawn out intro (press button to continue bazillion times).

I *hate* to say this, but whoever designed this game did not port it well. The fonts and letters are WAY TOO SMALL, and WAY TOO DARK. It's just unplayable and unreadable on my phone. If you have a tablet, that'd be great. The 7-inch Galaxy Tab would be just about perfect.

If you like this sort of game, I am sure you'll enjoy it for quite a well, as it looks to be pretty deep. However, I no longer have the dexterity or the yearning for repetitive RPGs, and have not had it for 20 years.

Rating: Try it  (if you are fan of Japanese-style RPGs)  or  skip it (if you're a regular Joe)
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