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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AAQR: World Series of Poker Hold'em Legends (game, paid)

Poker chip with the WSOP logo.Image via WikipediaGlu Mobile got the license for World Series of Poker (WSOP) Hold'em Legends, and this one incorporates quite a bit of video for the mood.

The initial install is quick, but the game needs to download another 250 MB from Glu's Server, and that can take a LONG time, even on a WiFi network.

The full game has a LOT of features. You start playing games at a local bar, and you can bet in game money or even just "chips" at a pick-up game.  It's not easy, mind you. The AI is quite good.

There are even "tells" from the not-so-good AI players that let you know they are bluffing. (You can turn that off if you wish).

You can steadily work your way up, to the world series event in Vegas for that million dollar prize. There are even videos and such setting the mood along the way.

The game itself is nicely polished though a bit of a memory hog.

With the full game price dropped to $0.99, it should be worth picking up if you need a little practice at Texas Hold'em poker.

Rating: Try it

Demo version

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