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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A few hints and tips for Airport Mania

Reflexive EntertainmentImage via WikipediaThis cute little game from Reflexive is not as hard as I originally thought. Here are some hints:

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  • Get VIP Runway -- makes it easier to chain the landings for more bonus
  • Get bonus jet -- the bigger the planes you land, the more money you make, so you need to spend money to make money, so to speak. 
  • Change the setup -- if you are stuck at 2 star and can't break through, change the upgrades a bit. Sell a few upgrades, and get some OTHER upgrades instead. 
  • Not all gates need to be upgraded. If you you have 3-4 gates, upgrade 2 of them should be enough. 
  • Keep the planes happy -- use the movies and/or soda fountain when they started to get mad
  • I've never needed to "repaint". I do fine without ever using it
  • You often have TWO different plane wait areas. Use both! 
  • The only reason you need more than one runway is to anticipate ice / fog. If you already have 3, you should NEVER need a 4th one. And if you already got the fan / dryer then you don't need a 4th runway. 
  • double-tap to cancel an existing order queue
  • Your order queue can go up to 4 steps, use as many as you need. 
  • If you are really stuck, get a recorder and recite which color planes have arrived. This will give you a table of which color is more frequent, thus you need to keep those relatively together 

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