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Sunday, April 10, 2011

AAQR: SwipePad and Dock4Droid, two close cousins

SwipePad and Dock4Droid are practically cousins. They do very similar things, and in very similar ways.

SwipePad (beta) is a "anywhere launcher", that allows you to open any app from within any OTHER app. Usually the "activation zone" is right edge, upper-half. Hold finger there then slide left, and SwipePad will pop up, and you'll see 12 zones where you can configure apps you want to launch, or if the zone's already configured, launch the app. It is very similar to Smart Taskbar, but much more intuitive.

Rating: Get it!

Dock4Droid is an app SWITCHER. It does not launch apps, but rather pops up which app you currently have loaded. It stays at the bottom edge. Hold finger there, and it will pop-up a dockbar similar to Apple's iOS launchdock. Slide left or right o highlight the app you want to bring forward, and release, and voila, there you go. Very intuitive.

Rating: Get it!

I previously use TaskTray but i think I may switch as I want my camera button back (I had it set to bring up Task Tray)

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