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Sunday, April 10, 2011

AAQR: Tiki Tower 2 (game, paid)

Tiki Tower was one of better physics puzzle games around for Android. I actually played it first on an LG non-smartphone. Later I bought the app for Android as well. So I was kinda surprised when I found there's a sequel.

The sequel is pretty much MOTS, and bit enhanced.

The plot is whimsical as ever. In the previous game, the monkeys made their way through 5 islands and finally found a plane. As they fly along, a gorilla general shot them out of the sky. They bailed out just in time, and the gorillas took the wreckage, but the monkeys are now stranded on this island. Thus, another adventure!

Basically, you need to help 5 monkeys get to an "exit" by building various structures, lines that the monkeys can climb up/down etc. You only have certain number of these bamboo sticks to use so you can't waste them. In fact, some of the later goals is to use the minimum number possible for higher levels of success.

To make things complicated, there are 5 bananas scattered around the level and if you get the monkeys to the bananas you get additional achievement that level.

Monkeys are not gentle beings. They will swing back and forth and such, often breaking your structure. Clearly, if you lose a monkey, or if the structure broke and the monkeys can't get to the exit, it's "do over" time.

Later levels introduced multiple exits: you can go one way, or the other, and get access to certain "bonus levels". Other special levels give you access to certain special item(s) on a level which will give you access to yet OTHER special levels.

There is also a "world map" now that tracks your progress, and gives you access to other levels as well.

There are no demos for this game, but I believe they are worth $2.99 each.

Rating: Try it (for both)  (original)  (the sequel)

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