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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stuck in 1xRTT? Here may be a solution

For the past TWO MONTHS, I was stuck in 1xRTT because I went over the soft quota in January 2011. Instead of 5GB soft cap (it's technically unlimited) I went to 7.2 GB. Verizon promised that I'll be slow, and I get occasional 3G, but mostly I get stuck in 1xRTT.

So when April came along, I was hoping I'd be back to 3G, but no luck. I am STILL in 1xRTT, even though the new billing cycle started YESTERDAY.

I took the phone to Verizon store, and the first thing the guy said was "sorry, we don't touch rooted phones". So basically, he was no help at all.

Then I remembered there are technician codes one can try. So for fun, I tried the first code listed here:

Then I changed the setting from CDMA only to CDMA (auto)

When I exited the menu, voila! 3G!  Rebooted, no more 3G. So I know it's not hardware issue.

I then dialed *228, then option 2, to update your phone's roaming PRL (don't worry, it won't hurt it).

Got 3G again now... I needed to wait about 15 minutes, but it works now.

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